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At Abel Driveways LTD, We provide excellent block paving services in Camberley and all the nearby areas. We can lay block paving on patios, driveways and pathways. If you need professional block paving contractors in Camberley, give Abel Driveways LTD a call.

Everything from the foundation of the driveway to the finished block paving is custom tailored for you and your home with each of our block pavers trained to work to the highest of standards.

Our team uses only quality block paving from Marshalls and Tobermore to ensure long lasting and durable paving installations. We provide other options that includes permeable paving, Tegula paving and cobble stones that are all suitable for driveways.

We Specialise At Laying Block Paving in Camberley

We approach each block paving installation in Camberley the same way, we always apply a new base foundation to ensure a solid base to lay the block paving and we will only ever use quality block paving for the job.

Along with block paving, we can insert other features for your driveway or patio such as edging kerbs, paved aprons, block paving kerbs, steps, drainage systems and more.

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Block paving is manufactured similar to bricks but are made using concrete instead of clay which is used for bricks. Available in a wide range of colours, textures and sizes.

Suitable for any vehicular or foot traffic with different sizes recommended for patios, driveways or even roadways. Laid normally in a herringbone pattern, 45 or 90 degree, on a sand of bed which is screeded to ensure an even finish for your surface.

When you compare block paving to tarmac, resin or any other type of hard standing surface, block paving is very competitive in price. It provides durability, longevity without having to sacrifice on choice.

Available in a wide range of colours and laying styles, from 1 sized installation to mixed 3 size variety’s, it can be tailored for modern, contemporary or traditional styled homes.

Depending if you choose a standard block paviour or go with more a custom style, the price can vary slightly.

Another commonly asked question is maintenance for block paving and how often you should clean them off.

If you maintain your driveway, simply once a year, wash down the driveway and lightly brush off any build up on the surface. Once dried, top up the joints with kiln dried sand and your driveway is good to go for another year.

Another option is to have your driveway sealed using a stone impregnator which will help to prevent moss, algae and grime build up on the paving whilst protecting the colour of your paving.

We can discuss this very affordable option with you during any time of the installation and can recommend the best time for you or us to handle it for you.


View our gallery work to see some of the work previously completed by Abel Driveways LTD


Our block pavers not only work in the Camberley areas, we service a wide area which includes offering our paving services in Guildford and surrounding areas. If you are not sure over your service area, why not call us so we can discuss it directly with you.

Our Block Paving For Camberley Includes:

  • Driveway Paving
  • Garden Paving
  • Permeable Paving
  • Paving Repairs
  • Marshalls Paving
  • Tegula Paving
  • Barleystone Paving
  • Circular Patterns
  • Diamond Patterns
  • Cobble Stones

We can provide you with multiple paving choices including standard herringbone patterns to basket-weave, stretcher bonds, variety of paving patterns, paving circles and unique paving features.

Our paving contractors for Camberley can provide samples of block paving styles for you to inspect along with references from previous jobs matching your choice in block paving. During our free visit we can highlight the different options available when you use us as your paving contractors.


We service all the areas throughout Camberley including Owlsmoor, Crowthorne, Eversley, Frimley, Pirbright, Minley, Yately, Bagshot and surrounding areas.

We provide free quotations so we can discuss the work with you and provide you with a clear and detailed quote on the proposed driveway or patio installation.
We work with our customers to ensure each installation is tailored to suit them. This can range from design choices, curves, patterns and feature installations.
Once we begin installation, we stick to our detailed quote to ensure you are getting the work done exactly as you specified. If changes are made, it is done in tandem with you.