Gravel Driveways Guildford

Abel Driveways LTD are experts at laying gravel driveways and pebbled driveways throughout the Guildford areas

Gravel driveways in Guildford have become a very popular option for customers and since its permeable, affordable and available in a range of styles, its not really a surprise!

At Abel Driveways LTD, our gravel driveway installers in Guildford pride in each driveway we install since we tailor each of them to suit our customers. With options on bordering, edging, aprons and more to choose from, each gravel driveway is bespoke and unique.

We are experts at designing and installing gravel driveways to suit any outdoor areas in Guildford, ranging from standard gravel driveways to gravel flower beds, gravel drainage areas and gravel pathways.

Gravel Contractors Guildford

Gravel driveways in Guildford can be installed in a short period of time, cost less than paving (huge savings on larger areas), is a permeable driveway so surface water is never a problem and provided its maintained once in a while can last for many years to come.

Another advantage to gravel is the natural stone itself. Since natural stone does not lose colour unlike manufactured products, it will always maintain the same look ensuring it will stay and look the same years from now.

During our free estimate, we can discuss the options with you including what type of base we will use as any surface water will need to drain down through the driveway since the water cannot be directed off the driveway.

We can give you options on using stabilisers for controlling the gravel if its required. However, we do stress, that it will add cost the driveway installation and the benefit you gain for that cost is not really extensive.

As long as you regularly rake out your gravel and avoid turning your car excessively on your driveway, the gravel should stay solid and over a period of time settle even more in place.

Gravel as long as its installed on a permeable base foundation. ensures to comply with local regulations such as SUDS when it comes to installing new driveways, converting gardens to driveways or extending older driveways in Guildford.

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Abel Driveways LTD services a wide area for laying new gravel driveways. Not only do we service all around Guildford, but we also provide gravel laying services in Camberley and all the surrounding areas in between. If you are not sure about your service area, why not call us so we can discuss it directly with you.

Our gravel and decorative stone services for Guildford include:

  • Gravel Driveways
  • Stone Patios
  • Flower Beds
  • Garden Areas
  • French Drains
  • Decorative Pathways

We can provide you with multiple options for your driveway which will be tailored to you. This includes driveways that suffer from flooding, weak or unstable bases, affordable choices on resurfacing an existing driveway and more.


We service all around the Guildford area including Worplesdon, Normandy, Pirbright, Shalford, West Clandon, Godalming, Brookwood and all the surrounding areas in Guildford.

We provide free quotations so we can discuss the work with you and provide you with a clear and detailed quote on the proposed driveway or patio installation.
We work with our customers to ensure each installation is tailored to suit them. This can range from design choices, curves, patterns and feature installations.
Once we begin installation, we stick to our detailed quote to ensure you are getting the work done exactly as you specified. If changes are made, it is done in tandem with you.