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We Specialise At Laying Block Paving On Driveways, Patios and Gardens in Surrey

At Abel Driveways LTD, We provide excellent block paving services to customers throughout our service areas. We can lay block paving on patios, driveways and pathways. If you need professional block paving contractors, give Abel Driveways LTD a call.

Everything from the foundation of the driveway to the finished block paving is custom tailored for you and your home with each of our block pavers trained to work to the highest of standards.

Our team uses only quality block paving from Marshalls and Barleystone to ensure long lasting and durable paving installations. We provide other options that includes permeable paving, Tegula paving and cobble stones that are all suitable for driveways.

Paving Installers for Surrey

We approach each block paving installation the same way, we always apply a new base foundation to ensure a solid base to lay the block paving and we will only ever use quality block paving for the job.

Along with block paving, we can insert other features for your driveway or patio such as edging kerbs, paved aprons, block paving kerbs, steps, drainage systems and more.

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If block paving is not installed correctly it will most definitely sink and spread. Therefore all of our block paved drives, paths and patios are laid and installed to the highest standards.

We use MOT Type 1 stone to all sub bases, full haunch boards to stop any movement and sinking and all of the blocks that we use are deeper than British standards.

Our excavation for block paving will always be carried out to guarantee at least 6 inches of new base foundation

The outside border of the block paving will always be set in cement to prevent the block paving spreading out.

You can always have a cheap job done but how many times have you driven or walked past a block paved driveway and thought that looks terrible? It only looks terrible because it has been laid or installed incorrectly.

Standard block paving to purchase per m² will cost you about £17.00. To get a m² of block paving you will need 50 blocks and do not forget depending on the pattern and area, allow for up to 10% wastage on cuts.

Some block paving contractors will cut corners to entice the consumer into buying their services so beware of very cheap quotes. Remember the majority of the cost of a block paved driveway, path or patio is the excavation and the labour cost. Please feel free to give us a call to discuss your paving and we will arrange a free no-obligation site survey.

Unfortunately, there is no magic block paving system to stop weeds. Remember, up to 90% of weeds in this country are air born.

The same applies really to any surface which includes tarmac and slabbing.

However, 2 features that we apply to our work helps reduce the impact of weeds on your block paving significantly. The first feature is using permeable weed block to prevent weed growth from underneath. The second feature is using Dansand, which stops weeds from growing in the joints.

Block paving is laid on sand that is levelled using a screed to guarantee the water runs off in the direction you have set the screed to. The sand is laid on top of a base foundation which should be semi permeable.

Block paving once installed is designed to be semi permeable which means a portion of the surface water will drain down naturally through the paving. By using river washed sharp sand as the laying base and having a semi permeable base foundation, the water can drain away fast.

The best type of block paving is very subjective since it not only depends on your particular taste but also the function for which the block paving is being used.

What we can say is that the most popular type of block paving is 200 x 100 x 50mm and is the most common type used on driveways throughout the UK.

It is generally laid in a herringbone pattern in either 45° or 90° degree angle from the house. This is achieved by pulling a 90° string line off the house and laying the paving either square off the line or at 45° (V Shape).

The same applies to the best colour for block paving where it depends on your own particular preference and the style of your house. The most popular block paving colour is the brindle colour where a charcoal block paving is used as the border for it.

As for manufactures, the most common and popular block paving manufacturer in the UK is Marshalls, followed by Brett and then Tobermore. Each produces a high quality paving product and similar variations of colour and products.

The average installation for block paving on a double driveway is 3 days. This is from excavation to completion with the only factor generally being the rain. If it is raining during the completion of the work, we will wait until it is dry in order to finish jointing the block paving and compacting it.

A new block paved you should not be sealed right away. The natural process of efflorescence will occur over a few weeks, where the salts in the concrete will push out, creating a white stain on the paving. This is completely normally and will fade away after a few weeks.

Once the efflorence has left the paving, you can then seal the block paving. Sealing the paving will help to prolong the colour of the paving and protect it from weather damage as well.

A sealed driveway after a new installation will easily last upwards of 10 years and this is why we guarantee that period.


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Abel Driveways LTD services a wide area for block paving. We have block paving installers for Guildford, block paving services in Camberley, block paving layers in Woking and all the surrounding areas. If you are not sure about your service area, why not call us so we can discuss it directly with you.

Our Block Paving Services Include:

  • Driveway Paving
  • Garden Paving
  • Permeable Paving
  • Paving Repairs
  • Marshalls Paving
  • Tegula Paving
  • Barleystone Paving
  • Circular Patterns
  • Diamond Patterns
  • Cobble Stones

We can provide you with multiple paving choices including standard herringbone patterns to basket-weave, stretcher bonds, variety of paving patterns, paving circles and unique paving features.

We can provide samples of block paving styles for you to inspect along with references from previous jobs matching your choice in block paving. During our free visit we can highlight the different options available when you use us as your paving contractors.

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We provide free quotations so we can discuss the work with you and provide you with a clear and detailed quote on the proposed driveway or patio installation.
We work with our customers to ensure each installation is tailored to suit them. This can range from design choices, curves, patterns and feature installations.
Once we begin installation, we stick to our detailed quote to ensure you are getting the work done exactly as you specified. If changes are made, it is done in tandem with you.