Resin Bound

Resin Bound and Resin Bond Driveway Services Throughout Surrey

Resin bound consists of mixed stone aggregate and resin with colour variations depending on the type of stone you have chosen. It makes an excellent option for driveways, patios and pathways.

It is available as a non slip option which is capable of supporting all types of vehicular traffic as well as foot traffic. It has the longest guarantee out of all the surfacing options due to the strength the resin bonded surface.

One of the cost savings features for using resin bound is that it can applied over an existing hard standing surface such as tarmac or concrete which can create significant savings.

When we lay resin bound, we ensure to use only quality stone aggregate and industry approved UV resin. We will use a resin catalyst in the colder months to ensure the resin hardens correctly on your driveway or patio.

Resin Bound VS Resin Bond

Another common mistake is made when people presume resin bound and resin bond are the same. They most certainly are not and the implications can be quite dramatic.

For example, resin bound is mixed in a special mixer where the chip aggregate is mixed together with the catalyst and the resin. This ensures a consistent texture and that the stone is completely encased in the resin before its wheel barrowed away and laid on your driveway.

Resin bond however is laid directly on the surface by applying the resin adhesive, rolling or brushing, and spreading the stone on top of it. This means you will lose some topping from that surface and it will not be anywhere as strong in finish as the stone is only bound at the bottom to the resin.

Needless to say, we recommend anyone wanting resin, to get a resin bound finish for the driveway as it is nearly a lifelong job. If you like the idea of resin bond, we recommend tar and chip instead. It is nearly identical in the finish with the difference being the thousands you will save in application.

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Abel Driveways LTD services a wide area for laying resin, including laying a resin bound in Guildford and resin-bound in Camberley, including the surrounding areas. If you are not sure about your service area, why not call us to discuss it directly with you.

Our resin bound services include:

  • Resin Driveways
  • Resin Patios
  • Resin Bound Pathways
  • Coloured Resin Surfaces
  • Resin Bond
  • Resin Pathways

We can provide you with multiple options for your driveway, which Abel Driveways will tailor to suit you. This includes colour choices for your driveway, bordering styles, paved features and more.

We provide free quotations so we can discuss the work with you and provide you with a clear and detailed quote on the proposed driveway or patio installation.
We work with our customers to ensure each installation is tailored to suit them. This can range from design choices, curves, patterns and feature installations.
Once we begin installation, we stick to our detailed quote to ensure you are getting the work done exactly as you specified. If changes are made, it is done in tandem with you.