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Permeable Block Paving

Due to SUDS regulations, some customers require a permeable solution and this is where permeable block paving provides an excellent option. Identical nearly in every way to standard paving, it is designed to function with a permeable foundation to allow water to penetrate the base and drain through.

When you are converting an old front garden or front patio area into a new driveway or in general a new hard standing area, from an area that naturally drains away water to a new surface that will allow water to flow on top of it, you will have to have an option for self containing the surface otherwise you will need planning permission.

You have multiple options for a permeable driveway including permeable tarmac and permeable resin but the 2 most effective and recognised solutions for a permeable driveway is either permeable paving or a natural gravel driveway.

Permeable Driveways

Regardless of the permeable solution you chose, you will need to ensure the base is excavated installed correctly. Excavation should be a minimum of 10 inches to allow a sufficient sub base for water to drain through. The base should be a crushed stone and Type 2 stone which will allow fast penetration of water.

As we mentioned earlier, permeable paving is identical in nearly every manner to block paving which means patterns, block paving colours and bordering style can be identical. The only difference between the two types of paving is the spacers/joints on them. With permeable, they are more pronounced to allow faster water penetration.

Permeable paving is laid on a grit stone base whereas normal paving is laid on river washed sharp sand. Jointing with paving is done using kiln dried sand whilst permeable paving is jointed using a fine grit. Compaction, laying and cutting remain identical.

Here are some examples of permeable paving to give you a better idea of the options available. Most commonly laid in the same style as normal paving but also available in the more bespoke option which is similar to Tegula paving and cobblelock.

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