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What is an Indian Sandstone Patio

Indian Sandstone slabbing is a hand-finished product with colours and hues that change depending on the angle you view it. The natural, earthy texture provides an excellent base for landscaping or patios in any setting, especially if combined with a contrasting border.

They are an excellent and sustainable way to add appeal and design elements to your patio area. These natural stones come from India where it is hot enough that the mineral deposits have been fossilized over time into interesting patterns which can be seen throughout this country’s landscape!

Indian stone paving is renowned for its range of unique colouration and finishes. This is one reason that Indian sandstone slabs are held in such high esteem within the world of landscaping, with many people opting to install their patio slabs made from it instead; these natural-looking flagstones offer not only durability but also versatility as You can use them both indoors or outdoors without sacrificing style points!

The most popular colours for Indian sandstone are Buff, Khandla Grey, Fossil Mint, Rainbow and Raj Green.

It has become a trendy option in the UK for patio areas for customers wanting a more durable patio that will retain its colour over the years. The price has dropped significantly over the years, making it a very affordable option for any patio style.

For coverage, the best option is to buy a preset pack in 4 different sizes and will cover on average 15m². The prices vary depending on the Indian sandstone, whether it’s sawn or polished, and the specific colour option you pick. Expect to pay between £600 and £800 for a pack.

Another extra feature that many people do not realise is that you can border the sandstone using a contrasting sandstone cobble available in nearly all the same colours. If you choose block paving for the border, the paving will fade over time, so if you are looking to keep the entire area feeling the same, we recommend either a sandstone cobble border or a brick border (clay brick).

Always make sure if you are laying a patio, always make sure to have the right materials on hand for the work including seeking professional advice on the type of stone you are laying.

If you need more help or information about our Indian sandstone slabbing services, you can visit our patio services or call us on 01483 342767 to talk with one of our patio specialists.