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Why you should you use a brick border on your tarmac driveway

You might have often seen a tarmac driveway and wondered why many tarmac and asphalt driveways have a brick border around them. The 2 reasons for a brick border are aesthetic and, secondly, retained edging.

Read on to learn more about how you edge a tarmac driveway and why most people choose to have a brick border around their tarmac driveway.

A brick border around a driveway area should always be laid after installing the base foundation. The bricks should be installed using a string line to ensure the correct level for the finished surface and always set in concrete.

The tarmac edge should be flush with the brick border and not below or above it. If an area requires strong retaining, we recommend edging kerbs behind the brick border to provide extra support.

The first reason anyone opts for a brick border is the contrast it can provide to your tarmac driveway since tarmac itself is only really available in 2 colours, black or red.

By adding a brick border around your driveway, you can add some colour and definition to the area, especially across the front of the driveway, which we often refer to as a driveway apron. You can use a standard paving block for the border, a cobblestone, granite bordering or an edging kerb.

When you choose a paving block or cobblestone brick border, your options on colour includes grey brick border, red brick bordering, charcoal, burnt ochre and buff borders.

The second reason is to provide a clean retained edge around the driveway. Please have a look at any driveway with no edging or support around it, and you will see that the tarmac tapers off on the borders. Without a supporting edge around it, especially with vehicle traffic, the tarmac will lose its clean edge and start to push out over a period of time.

These 2 reasons are why we always recommend having a brick border around your driveway and flat top-edging kerbs across the front of the driveway as well. By retaining the area, you are extending the lifespan of your tarmac driveway whilst adding some nice definition and contrast around the driveway as well.

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