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What is a limestone patio

Indian limestone paving slabs have a noble and elegant natural texture. It offers high-density colours with fewer pores than other stones, and it’s very hard – in fact Indian Limestone is one of the toughest types out there!

Limestone is a beautiful, natural stone that starts to form on the bottom of oceans. It can be found at many beaches and has been used for centuries to create flooring and worktops around the world because of its durability as well as being easy on surfaces like wooden boards or quartz countertops without scratching them easily.

Limestone is consistent in colour and comes in some select colour choices, usually buff-grey, blue-grey and blue-black. Most limestone comes in these darker colours with natural veining, giving you some excellent choices, whatever garden design you have planned. It is considered an excellent alternative to Indian sandstone patios and porcelain.

The surface can be either smooth or textured for that extra appeal, but if you don’t want to worry about durability then your best bet would be our black coloured option which will last longer than any type mentioned here so far as it isn’t prone to wear down from traffic due to its rough appearance alone (although this does vary depending upon what kind landscape designers use).

The most popular limestone colours for slabbing used by our customers are black limestone, Kota blue limestone and yellow limestone.

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